About Family Health Portal

Improving your health and the health of your loved ones based on everyone's genes.

Many chronic diseases are hereditary in that they often get passed down through genes. GeneticMe has created "Personalized Family Health Portal" which allows families to learn more about their current genetic make-up, susceptibility and likelihood of developing a chronic disease. Each user will also receive personalized content tailored to their specific genetic makeup. In addition, users can communicate with licensed and certified genetic counselors trained in specialities specific to you or your family member's genetic makeup.

Personalized Family Health Portal by GeneticMe Inc. is a HIPAA and NIH compliant private and encrypted digital platform that members in an household can use to learn about, monitor and improve their health and the health of immediate loved ones within a generation based upon genetics. Each household gets 5 terrabytes of data storage which allows members to upload genomic data, personal health records and more in a secure environment.

GeneticMe's informative and engaging family health portal provides users with medical data tailored to their genetic makeup in addition to useful resources complete with a private search engine, social-networking, telemedicine & virtual counseling capabilities. Content providers consist of leading bioinformaticians, geneticists and genetic counselors.

GeneticMe is a boinformatics & health IT organization focused on disease prevention and personalized treatments based upon genetics. It is known that chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and the most preventable. GeneticMe is composed of genetic counselors, medical doctors and top research scientists actively involved with improving health based upon genetics. While personalized medicine is our end goal, our first step is to help save lives through earlier detection of diseases. We are advocates for better, more personalized and precision medications and prescriptions to treat diseases while contributing to mankind by way of alleviating the global health-divide and its health disparities.